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Your OC (Full Body)
Your OC in my art style, drawn on Paint Tool SAI
Your OC (Base)
Your OC in a base of either your choice or mine, whatever you want :)
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A headshot of your OC in my style

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United States
Hi! I'm Katie!
I'm obsessed with many fandoms, along with memes because I have no life tbh
I use bases, but I also do original art as well. Art trades are open, so check my journal about that for more info!
I also have commissions open as well, so you can request one if you'd like :)

Twilight Sparkle Fan Stamp by Shiiazu Fluttershy Fan Stamp by Shiiazu Rainbow Dash Fan Stamp by Shiiazu Applejack Fan Stamp by Shiiazu Pinkie Pie Fan Stamp by Shiiazu Rarity Fan Stamp by Shiiazu Princess Luna is Overrated [Stamp] by Shiiazu Female Brony Stamp by Shiiazu Equestria Girls Fan - Stamp by Shiiazu On Behalf of Bronies Everywhere by writemaster93 Celestia over Luna by writemaster93
ATAC -Art status -Rarity by SunsetMajka626 GAFFO -Art Status -Fluttershy by SunsetMajka626 IDDR -Art Status -Rainbow Dash by SunsetMajka626 AMAC -Pinkie Pie by SunsetMajka626 PCAO -Art Status -Applejack by SunsetMajka626 CAO -Art status -Twilight Sparkle by SunsetMajka626


American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy


100 Watchers
Thank you guys so much for 100+ watchers! I appreciate every single one of you!

Edit: I realize my shading didn't show up too much. I'll try and get that fixed.
Edit 2: It turns out I actually didn't even really "finish" the shading in the first place. I got that fixed, and I added some more lighting as well :)
Okay, so I'm in health class right now and I'm sitting right next to the girl I made like 3 rants on
If only she knew xD

Also, I'm surrounded by idiots (and by idiots I mean gossiping girls that keep taking selfies and talking about boyfriends. Shoot me.)
MLP Controversy Meme
In case you guys haven't noticed, I really, REALLY dislike Starlight. (I hate her lol)
If they focus more on her than the Mane 6 in season 7, I will no joke stop watching the show. I watched and fell in love with the show because of the Mane 6, not Starlight freaking Glimmer
Sorry if the text is kinda hard to read :P

Original Meme:…
MLP:FIM - Alternate Universe Mane 6
This was really fun to do xD

Let's just say that this is what would have happened if Rainbow Dash had lost the race against the bullies in Cloudsdale.
You can see this anyway you want to, but the way I see this is:
Rainbow Dash loses the race and everypony makes fun of her for it. She tries to prove that she isn't a bad flyer, and in doing so hurts herself many times. Eventually, she breaks her right wing so much that she can no longer use it, and she is grounded forever.
Twilight Sparkle isn't enrolled into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and she works harder and harder to get herself enrolled. She eventually resorts to practicing dark magic, and she becomes possessed, and works to help King Sombra take back the Crystal Empire when it returns.
Pinkie Pie never becomes happy, and she stays at her family's rock farm, eventually becoming depressed and quickly angered. 
Rarity soon discovers her magical ability to find gemstones in the ground, and she gives up being a fashion designer to become a jeweler. This makes her and her entire family incredibly rich, and she moves to Manehattan when she becomes older.
Applejack continues to live in Manehattan with her aunt and uncle and eventually learns how to act like "a true Manehattanite", and acts like a typical rich pony.
Fluttershy is ignored by the animals soon after Rainbow Dash loses the race. She returns to Cloudsdale, eventually returning back to the ground when she is older. Unfortunately, she is not able to support herself and make money, so she just lives out in the wilderness and learns how to heal animals.

I hope you guys like this!
All bases by: SelenaEde
MLP:FIM - Twidash
((I'm sorry if you don't ship this, I guess I do now, idk why though I used to hate this ship but I guess I like it now idk please don't kill me ahhhhh))
also, sorry if Twi or Dash look kinda off, this was just practice


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I finally posted a speedpaint of that Rarity picture that got featured on EQD:…

Go check it out!


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